the Team


jonathan moore - DOP

Jonathan is a cinematographer. He loves trying out new ideas and approaches to help communicate emotive stories that make you think about your place in the world. He also has a passion for good coffee.

helen sorren - producer/voiceover

Helen is a gifted storyteller. She loves to think creatively in order to ensure that every video is told using a unique voice. Her practical and lateral approach makes her ideal for delivering on time and on message.

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benjie aguilera brown - production exec

Benjie is a director and all rounder. He loves coming up with strange and moving stories as well as being a wizard to help projects reach their full potential.


thomas bell - composer/editor

Tom likes to assist the project through either his music composition or editing. He likes to find out what the core ideas of a project are and then try to underpin them through his work. He also really likes science fiction.